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The wing foil and our teaching
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The wing foil is the newcomer to the watersports family. In recent years it has experienced incredible growth thanks to the fact that it can be practiced in many wind and spot conditions. In Sardinia and Porto Pollo the wing foil has really exploded. The wing foil is simple to learn and immediately a lot of fun. Our qualified instructors will teach you to fly on the water with this new sail on board the foil boards thanks to our personalized courses.

The chicken port spot is perfect for learning wing foil.
Thanks to the always flat water and the constant wind, learning this new sport will be within everyone’s reach.
Our team has specialized in teaching Wing foil since 2019 and every year follows more and more students.


The basic course for beginners is six hours private or group.

After a brief theoretical introduction on the beach we will immediately move on to practice.
With a WING FOIL wing and a drift board you will start sailing safely left and right.
You will then learn to go up the wind and sail downwind.

As soon as you become familiar with the wing you will start using the board with the foil.

Initially we will use a very short and stable foil and then try to approach a longer and more performing mast.

Our goal is to make you have fun and always learn safety.
Our instructors will take care of you throughout the course, from the moment you choose the wetsuit to the first edges.

Always in a professional and safe way.

Contact us, or call us to request more information about the course, we are waiting for you in Porto Pollo – Sardinia.

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