Wakeboarding and our teaching
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Finally a real wakeboard boat in Sardinia: Mastercraft X-star! Wakeboarding, in addition to being an extremely easy and fun sport, is also preparatory to the activity of Kitesurfing.

Those who practice this sport, reach a good level in kitesurfing much faster. This is because it has already stored many movements that will be required during the waterstart (see activity – Kitesurfing). In addition, being an activity practicable only on windless days, wakeboarding is undoubtedly the best alternative to make the most of the day, by boat with friends, away from crowded beaches.

It’s the perfect combo!

Here’s how it works:

It is very simple, once the table is fastened to the feet, the secret lies in “doing nothing”. You got it right, assuming the correct posture in the water, that is, sitting with your legs telling to yourself, keeping the balance firm with your arms outstretched, you need to stay still: the pull of the boat will do all the work for you.
Once standing, you direct the board in the wake of the boat and you’re done!

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