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Windsurfing and our teaching
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Windsurfing is not only a sport, but it contains several meanings: it is passion and respect for nature, it is tenacity and challenge of one’s limits, but also pure fun and freedom. It enhances the skills of coordination, balance and motor control of one’s body, with the board and the sail, simultaneously with the development of a similar sensitivity towards wind and sea. The knowledge of the winds allows you to master windsurfing to navigate independently and safely.

The minimum requirements to access the courses are as follows:

• Knowing how to swim

Our teaching is inspired by many years of experience gained in the most challenging and famous spots in the world. Experience that has allowed the FHA team to expand and adapt their teaching method to the different conditions that can be encountered in the various spots. Passion and continuous updating, together with the continuous search for the best materials, are the basis of our work.

Our lessons are in all-inclusive form and include: full equipment, communication systems, insurance, instructor and rescue.

Beginner Windsurfing

• Learning safety notions and techniques
• Positioning and management of equipment in the wind
• Basic position on the table
• Barley and turn
• Rest and wobble
• Gaits – loose transverse stern upwind

Intermediate windsurfing

• Trapezoid use
• Fast turn
• Departure from the beach

Advanced Windsurfing

• Table management in sustained wind conditions
• Positioning of the feet in the straps
• Glide
• Departures from the water
• Strambata power
• First freestyle maneuvers


Wind Gallery

The FHA team works every year in order to update more and more its offer and attention to detail. Our greatest mission is your satisfaction.