Porto Pollo – Sardegna

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Porto Pollo – Sardegna


One of the best Wind Spots in Sardinia
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FH Academy opens the first surf house and school in Punta Trettu.

The thin strip of sand of Punta Trettu beach is located at the base of the long triangle called ‘Punt’e Trettu’. Punta Trettu is in fact a tip (“Punta”) that looks straight (“Trettu” in Sardinian, “Dritta” in Italian) to the island of Sant’Antioco.

With shallow flat water and constant winds, Punta Trettu is considered a paradise for kitesurfing, one of the best kitesurfing spots in all of Europe!

The spot of Punta Trettu, almost closed on all sides, looks like a lagoon but the sea water is current. Sea currents have even created a deep natural channel where boats sail and where kitesurfing is not allowed (important: respect the kite zones, take a look at the maps of Punta Trettu here).

The kite beach of Punta Trettu is perfect for both beginners and advanced kiters thanks to the shallow and flat water and the sandy bottom that allows you to walk from the beach for hundreds of meters.

Marry the philosophy of ‘Wind Therapy’ also in Punta Trettu, you will not regret it.